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Some vendors make WMS selection and implementation a complex process; but we make the complex easy. Get better control over your warehousing and logistics fast.

Our rapidly deployable mobile application has been honed by years of customer experience to deliver improved efficiency, reduced cost, and ability to scale quickly and easily so you can sleep better at night.

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The NextWMS Difference

You are in control of your WMS, not us!

Our software is configurable without coding, so you can set it up to work the way you want, you don’t have to come back to us every time your business changes.

Our customers are faster to market with new business, with lower deployment costs and greater Return on Investment. Every aspect of their warehouse operation is streamlined.

How We Make the Complex Simple!

Support Features That are Unique to Us!


We can show you our system in action with your own data so you can see exactly what it will do for you before you buy


In the old days you need to buy software first and hope it will work as expected after a long & costly ‘implementation’ exercise.


Control complex warehouse workflows in real-time with our modern graphical and touch-enabled mobile technology


Traditional mobile WMS is simple green & character based screen mimicking paper-based workflow


Configure our software to work the way you want as your business evolves without coding


Traditionally you will pay a big fortune to software vendors & skilled developers to review source code to implement any change

Customer Review

“We always want to build value for our customers with lots of complexity, so we need a system that is flexible and innovative to be on the same page with us…. the system is unique in a way that it has the structure and layers like other big systems, but at the same time it doesn’t lock you into a specific method to operate, so you have lots of freedom to change the process and realise customisations very quickly. This gives us the flexibility that we want to build for our customers…staff with good warehouse knowledge can tailor the system to fulfill their needs, they can also explore new ways of thinking as they get deeper into the system when running their operation…. the system will save you lots of time and money and you can realise ROI faster than with other technology.”

Chris Wang,
COO, EWE Group

Why you can’t compare
Costs & ROI vs. our competitors

Whether you are wanting to carry out a conventional RFP process or want to get started quickly, let us show you how our software already meets your requirements in a live demonstration.

When you are looking for the best-fit WMS software:

We start by understanding your current warehouse layout, operation model and transaction profiles.

We demonstrate how our software and your warehouse can work together optimally so there are no ‘big-surprises’

When you are happy with the demonstration and ready to sign up with us:

We configure the system, load your data, connect to your host systems and train your staff

We are Live and Operational. Your warehouse is now enjoying benefits of our system.

Only then do you start paying monthly usage-based subscription fee.

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